From a date to a relationship – a shopping list for love

From time to time it’s only natural to wonder why you’re still single… In moments of self-doubt, you might end up asking yourself some awkward questions, such as “Is it something about me?” or “Have I maybe been too fussy?” If a good friend were to express those doubts about themselves, the chances are that your response would be: “Of course you’re not too fussy. You’re fantastic and you deserve the best.” explains Paula Hall, a dating expert.

A healthy sense of self-esteem and a little discernment are real assets in the search for love, but is it a good idea to create a strict set of requirements for the perfect future partner? A checklist is all very well if you’re going shopping, or packing for your holiday or buying a house, but when it comes to a relationship, it might be unrealistic to expect a man or woman to tick all your boxes.